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  • straight couple: *make out in public at random intervals in weird places*
  • straight couple: *grabs each other's asses in public*
  • straight couple: *are not in any way inconspicuous about the fact that they are feeling each other up in public*
  • gay couple: *holds hands in public*
  • straight people: that is VILE and it is CORRUPTING my entire FAMILY. my grandmother is crying. my children have all shit their pants at the same time. WHO WILL THINK OF THE CHILDREN

There is literally only one post on this entire site with 11 million notes

27. July 2014



It is this one. Occasionally, the original text/pic gets deleted and replaced with a gif of your OTP or that actor in that one show or a quote from that thing you like. But it’s not them. It never was them. It has always been, and always will be, a lie.

And now it’s that gif of the rotating pyramid in Carolina Crown’s 2013 show.


You’re welcome.


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forcing people to listen to my music when I’m driving


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